Garden of Eden Waistbead
Garden of Eden Waistbead

Garden of Eden Waistbead

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The Garden of Eden is known as a symbol of perfect harmony. Aptly named, this waistbead was created to attract harmony, good luck, and bless all youe endeavors. It is perfect for anyone struggling with negative thoughts/beliefs, stress, and finding balance in their life.


Features Green Jade stones that: 

  • helps calm the mind and emotions
  • Brings prosperity & happiness
  • Reduces stress & negative thoughts/beliefs
  • Promotes a senss of harmony & balance


Our waistbeads are built to last up to 2 years with proper care, which includes:

  • Minimizing tugging and pulling to maintain their durability.
  • Washing with warm water and mild soap to keep them sparkling and clean.
  • Staying mindful of waistbeads during activities such as bending, sitting, or engaging in physical activities to ensure their longevity and elegance.

This listing is for one (1) waistbead strand (each color sold seperately.)

  • Available in Tie-on style only