Meet The Owner

Hey Raine Drop! I'm Kristy and I am the owner of Soul Raine Bodyworks LLC. I am the mother of a beautiful little girl, whom my business is affectionately named after, a soldier in the Army National Guard, and an avid bookreader and gym rat.

Owner of Soul Raine Bodyworks, Kristy standing in black spaghetti strap dress with 7 waistbeads around her waist. She has a short fade haircut bleached blonde and tattoos on both arms. She is standing in front of a bookcase filled with various books.

My waistbead journey began in May of 2020 when I discovered that they could be used as an accountability tool to help you lose weight. Without doing any real research I made my first waistbead and it didn't even last 24 hours (insert cringe face here). So I went back to the drawing board, did some thorough research on waistbeads, their history, their benefits and uses and immediately fell in love!

I was opened up to a whole new world in waistbeads and my journey of self-love, self-discovery and healing began!

I have struggled most of my life with my body image and with loving myself so imagine my surprise when I adorned my first waistbead (that actually lasted longer than 24 hours lol) and my confidence shot up! As a former skeptic, I couldn't fathom that a few beads on some string could make me feel so good in my body. I seriously couldn't stay out of the mirror! But it was true. From the moment I adorned my first waistbead, I couldn't stay out of the mirror. I was constantly touching and rubbing on it and began to look at my body differently. I began to appreciate the curves of my body. I began to look at my body differently and appreciate all that it had done, like bringing a whole life into this world!

Soul raine Bodyworks owner, Kristy, helping a customer adjust her waistbead at a popup shop.

My waistbead journey changed my outlook on myself so much that I knew I HAD to share this with other women. So that's what I did! The amount of women that were not only interested in my waistbeads, but consistently let me know how much they made them feel good in their body for the first time in years, or how their confidence had sky-rocketed was mind-blowing! Since then, it's been my mission to remind women how beautiful and worthy they are. I constantly strive to remind women that their weight or their body type or body shape does NOT determine their worth and that, no matter what, they are worthy of all the great things that come into their life!