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Bronze & White Waistbead

Bronze & White Waistbead

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Embrace the harmonious blend of truth, hope, clarity, and peace with the white beads, while finding stability and comfort with the brown beads, in this exquisite waistbead. Let the combination of white and brown symbolize your journey towards inner truth, hope, and clarity, while providing a sense of stability and comfort along the way.

Our waistbeads are built to last up to 2 years with proper care, which includes:

  • Minimizing tugging and pulling to maintain their durability.
  • Washing with warm water and mild soap to keep them sparkling and clean.
  • Staying mindful of waistbeads during activities such as bending, sitting, or engaging in physical activities to ensure their longevity and elegance.

This listing is for one (1) waistbead made to fit up to 51in in the tie-on style only. 

  • Part of the "No Wait" Waistbead Collection.
  • Note: if you order a Made-to-order waistbead, your "no wait" waistbead will not ship until all waistbeads on your order are completed!