Waistbead Color Meanings

Each color has its own spiritual significance. Choosing a color is no small task. It's best to read the entire list and choose the colors that speak to your soul the most; whether it's one color or all of them! 

Pink: Beauty, Love, Kindness, Femininity, Romance

Orange: Courage, Self-confidence, Vitality, Creativity, Positivity 

Red: Confidence, Vitality, Passion, Strength, Power, Sexual Energy

Yellow: Energy, Joy, Wisdom, Happiness, Optimism 

Green: Abundance, Fertility (in your dreams and goals; not necessarily a baby.lol), Prosperity, Growth, Harmony, Luck

Blue: Loyalty, Trust, Peace, Healing, Honesty, Calm 

Purple: Royalty, Spiritual Growth, Wisdom, Imagination, Creativity

Black: Power, Protection, Strength, Authority

White: Light, Truth, Hope, Clarity

Turquoise: Self-awareness, Calmness, Clarity, Concentration

Brown: Reliability, Stability, Comfort

Gold: Good Health, Power, Wealth, Success, Generosity 

Silver: Openness, Intuition, Enlightening, Healing