What are waistbeads?

Waistbeads are a form of body adornment originating in Western Africa. Waistbeads were orignally worn by children to track growth but over the centuries, have been used for many different reasons such as tracking weight on adults, offering protection, helping with spiritual growth, building confidence, getting in touch with your femininity, and more. Waistbeads are an ancient practice that continues to evolve day by day. 

Do the bead colors have meaning? 

Yes! Each color has s specific spiritual?manifestation meaning. Please see our home page for a full list of what each color represents.

Where do I enter my waist size?

Your waist measurement is entered in the note section of your cart, located underneath your order summary, but above the checkout button. 

What are the waistbeads and other creations made with?

All Soul Raine Bodyworks creations are made with either durable 100% bonded nylon thread or sturdy elastic thread, as well as quality glass or ceramic beads. All clasps, o-rings, and chains are gold or silver plated. 

Can I get my waistbeads (or other creations) wet?

Yes. All creations are made with quality materials that are water safe and mold resistant. (*Note: proper steps must be taken to prevent nylon thread from molding. Please see waistbead tips for these steps*)

What is the difference between the styles of waistbeads you offer?

The tie-on style has no clasp. It is made with 100% bonded nylon thread and must be tied on. The only way to remove it is to cut it off or let it snap on its on. (or lose enough weight that you're able to step out of it while keeping it in tact.)

The clasp style is made with elastic string and features a lobster clasp on one end and an o-ring on the other end. It is made to fit your exact given waist size and is removable. 

The adjustable style is made with elastic string and features a lobster clasp on one end and approximately 5in of chain on the other end. This waistbead is removeable but the chain also allows you to loosen or tighten the waistbead as your weight fluctuates. 

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. We ship anywhere in the world. 

How much does shipping cost?

All US orders will be $3 shipping for any order under $100, regardless of package weight. All US orders over $100 will automatically receive free shipping. International shipping costs vary based on estimated package weight (the weight of all the items you order combined) and location (it is more expensive to ship to certain countries).

Please visit our shipping policy for more information. 

How long will my order take to get to me?

Because almost all Soul Raine Bodyworks  creations are made to order, the processing time can take up to 14 days. During slower periods, orders will take less time to process. (Processing time is the time taken to complete all orders before yours and then get your order  completed, packaged, and shipped. Shipping times are not included in processing time)

How long does shipping take?

All US orders normally take less than a week to arrive. All orders outside of the US can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks to arrive. High volume times, such as Christmas, can cause delays in shipping. 

What should I do if I do not receive my package or I receive it damaged?

In the case of a damaged package, please check to ensure that all items are not damaged, if they are, a replacement will be sent one time only after proof of damage is sent via email at contact@soulrainebodyworks.com. If no proof can be shown, no replacement will be sent. 

In the case that a package is not received, please reach out to us at contact@soulrainebodyworks.com to ensure the correct address was entered upon ordering and to check delivery status. If the order is shown as delivered but you have not recieved it, you must then place an inquiry with your local post office. 

For more information, please check our Policies page.

What do I do if I realized I entered the wrong information (waist measurement, address, etc.) at checkout?

Feel free to email us any corrections at contact@soulrainebodyworks.com or reach out via any of our social media accounts as soon as possible to ensure the corrections can be made before your order is completed and shipped. Once shipped, we can no longer make any corrections. 

Do I have to be Black/African American to wear waistbeads?

No! The art of wearing waistbeads is not a closed practice. Anyone with a waist and an interest in waistbeads can wear them. It is always great, though, to do research on their history and signifcance. 

Do I have to be skinny to wear waistbeads?

No! Waistbeads can be worn by anyone of any size!

Will I be charged extra if I need a plus size waistbead?

Absolutely not! We don't believe in punishing anyone for their body size. All waistbead prices are set and do not vary based on waist measurement. 

Can men wear waistbeads?

Absolutely. If you identify as male and want to wear waistbeads, you are welcome to wear them. 

Can I wear waistbeads if im non-binary?

Waistbeads have no gender. You are welcome to wear them if you like. 

Is there an age limit for wearing waistbeads?

No. waistbeads can be worn by anyone of any age, from newborn to the eldest of elders. 

Are there any activities I can't do when wearing my waistbeads?

Nope. You can go about your life as normal. Be mindful of your waistbeads and be sure to be careful when doing things like, pulling your pants down to use the restroom, or excessive bending. Excessive pulling can cause waistbeads to stretch out of shape or snap.

Are my waistbeads supposed to be hidden or can they be shown?

Although, traditionally, waistbeads were to be worn under the clothing only, it is now quite common to see them shown. Whether you keep them hidden or shown is 100% your personal preference.